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Strategic Role of Facilities Management - Deloitte report

At Preempt, we look to share industry trends and insights in relation to Facilities and Property Management with our peers, followers and clients. One of these updates comes from an interesting recent Deloitte report that reviewed the ‘Strategic Role of Facilities Management’ and revealed that effective facilities management has a significant strategic impact.

“Facilities management (FM) has developed into a major, thriving business sector and, as a discipline, continues to grow across the world. Well-managed sites and buildings enable organisations to function at their most efficient and effective level, achieving collaborations and offering real added value to the organisation’s core business.

The range of services covered within the remit of FM has become more complex, as FM has moved into the operational functions of client organisations. It is therefore necessary for service providers and their customers to acknowledge the role of facilities management in the organisation’s strategic operations….”

If you would like to read the full report please click here

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