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Reducing consumption of your consumables

Office consumable costs can cost your business if not monitored.  A report estimates that businesses spend over €1000 per year, per employee – just on office consumables.

There are simple ways to keep reducing your office consumables and also keep costs low, controlling your budget. Our tips means your business can start saving, straight away.

Take Stock, frequently

Ordering restocks without first going over your current office supplies is an inefficient way to manage your spend. Therefore, make a list of what you need based on your stock. Shop around for items to ensure you are getting the best value.

Look out for specials

For the occasional one-off item, double check to see if any retailers are running specials or sales. If you have an established relationship with a supplier, check for discounts available for regular customers, especially those who purchase in bulk.

Buy in bulk

Most suppliers encourage bulk purchasing for most items, therefore stocking up on commonly used goods is a smart way to cut down on costs.  Make a list of the items you buy the most and ask your supplier if they offer any bulk purchase options.  If a bulk pack doesn’t already exist, they might be able to create a custom bulk set just for your business.

Buy own brand

Own brand items are a simple way of reducing your office consumables costs and in most cases, the differences in quality are negligible. Therefore, buying generic is especially smart when shopping for pricier items. These items include furniture and printer cartridge consumables. For example, generic ink cartridges for desktop inkjet and laser printers often cost half as much as name brand items with little or no noticeable difference in print quality.

Reuse and recycle

There are many companies that offer cash back for used technology, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, printer cartridges. You can also donate to local charities.

Stocking your business is easy to monitor with a little planning. Buying smart, managing what stock you have and only buying what you need are the first steps.

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