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Property Management Trends for 2021

As we enter 2021, we are seeing a number of Property trends for the coming year in how buildings will be used and how work environments will change both in the short and longer term, these include:

Hybrid Work Environments

The success of the hybrid model will depend on the tasks associated with each employee’s role in question. We have seen that administration and finance roles can be completed remotely, however building specific or data led, security and field roles will find the hybrid environment more challenging. 

In addition, the sense of culture and community brought by an office environment is one of the key challenges that companies are seeing with the introduction of remote working. Humans in their nature are social beings that thrive on connection and socialisation. Similarly, businesses that collaborate effectively and create a sense of tribe tend to flourish. A recent report by KPMG on seizing new ways of working post Covid-19 outlines that ‘Leaders have the opportunity to move beyond the initial reactive response to Covid to shape their culture for recovery and beyond”

As a result, the workplace environment and roles within the location and their impact on culture should be reconsidered before choosing to opt for a fully remote or indeed, hybrid workplace. 

Office Reconfiguration and Technology

As lockdown eases and offers a more permanent change in working environment, it is predicted that workplaces will require reconfiguration to embrace an agile environment, one with less siloed office space and instead considered collaborative work environments that embrace wellbeing will be integral to a successful return to work. 

Contact tracing will continue to be important and technology will play a key part in this with the addition of space management, using apps and desk bookings.

This offers opportunities for landlords to reconfigure spaces or buildings, eliminating previously wasted space and repurposing for diverse use and additional commercial gain. 

Developing Amenities 

To support the new flexible working environment, amenities will need to be developed to support employees as they navigate this new approach in practical terms. 

New forms of transport and mobility from Scooters and e-bikes and how they will be stored within the office environment will need to be considered. Similarly, wellbeing facilities provided from showers, drying and fitness areas will be expected to entice employees back into the working environment with ease.

Finally, concierge services within the building will play a part in supporting tenants as they balance the remote nature once again of working within an office environment. 

While the way we work has changed forever, we can work with our clients to engage in new and innovative ways to respond to the refined needs of tenants and employees while supporting and assisting landlords to maximise their property potential. 

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