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Facilities Management

We are responsible for making sure that your building and their services meet the needs of the people that work in them. Our Facilities Managers are accountable for the delivery of our services such as cleaning, security, mechanical and electrical, to ensure the building and its surrounding environment is in an optimal condition to work.

Facilities Management


Our range of cleaning services, coupled with our investment in recruiting and training the best people and using the latest equipment allows us to provide the best possible cleaning service to you, driving productivity and wellness across your property.



Protecting your property and teams is critical to our success. Our professional and responsive service is tailored to meet your specific security needs. We review your operations, objectives and risks to your business. We offer a range of services from manned licensed guards to keyholding and prompt emergency response.

Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Our Preempt mechanical engineering and design team have a wealth of experience and expertise to assist you with product designs, solve all your mechanical engineering challenges and anticipate problems you may encounter.



As the front of house contact, we provide professional, friendly and approachable staff to best represent you, your brand and your company with pride. We recruit the highest calibre of front of house staff to support your reception or concierge needs.

Pest Control

Pest Control

We provide reactive and proactive pest control services to ensure your workplace remains pest free. We maintain, monitor and replace equipment regularly and our team respond quickly and discreetly to resolve any pest control issues.



Through ongoing maintenance and review of your property, our team ensures you have less unplanned and costly issues and that your property is running at optimum levels. Our emergency response teams are on hand to resolve any critical issues that may arise.


When partnering with Preempt, you have access to construction professionals through our sister company SONICA, these professionals are on hand to support the smallest one off jobs to working to redevelop your facility.

Building sustainability

We have access to designers within our company that can support the reconfiguration of spaces to increase and downsize or to refresh a space, as required.


We have the expertise to advise on all issues related to energy procurement and minimizing the energy footprint of buildings and their occupants.
We work to achieve environmental stewardship, social responsibility and economic prosperity. We commit to preserving natural resources, preventing hazardous situations and maintaining the surrounding environment. Our Team can advise on the proper tools, studies and certifications needed to build your job correctly.

Our in-house Team are fully versed in LEED, Breeam, Nzeb and other Carbon reduction protocols.
We have a range of strategies to offer our clients from initial Desktop studies to Integrated Energy Modelling of the Building.
As a business we are fully committed to the Triple Bottom Line framework – we see it as our corporate social responsibility to do so.

Building Consultancy
Covid-19 Consultation

Our experience in design and workspace layout means we can offer a full range of options in relation to working in a post Covid-19 environment. Our long-term solutions to layout and supporting utilities from light, air conditioning and non-touch surfaces on amenities all support a positive health environment.

Office reconfiguration (return to work C19 protocols) Specialist Contractor Maintenance

Asset Management

We offer a systematic process of developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of property assets in the most cost-effective manner. This includes managing all costs, risks and performance attributes on behalf of our clients.

Asset Management
Commercial Property Management


Commercial real estate typically covers the office, retail, industrial and leisure sectors. Preempt looks after the administration, operation and oversight of properties on behalf of a party holding a legal interest in that property whether as landlord, tenant or otherwise.

As PSRA B,C & D Licensed providers, we source and secure office space, handle lease negotiations and all aspects of property management including landlord negotiations on consent, rent reviews and disputes.

Our objective is to manage the property in line with the principles of best practices and the business interests of our clients.

Commercial Property Management
We bring deep industry knowledge to bear in our distinctive end to end solution from construction and design through to day to day facilities and property management.