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Getting Workplace ready - Safe Return to Work

Planning or Returning to the Office? Don’t forget these key measures to prepare for a safe return to work.

Working from home has become a reality for a large proportion of Ireland’s office workforce. For some companies, it forced an acceleration of the existing trend towards remote or flexible working arrangements. These may become a long term reality happily for some. Meanwhile, others can’t wait to return to the buzz of the office.

We are busy assisting our clients in making sure all possible arrangements have been made for the safe return to their place of work. In advance of staff returning to their desks, employers must provide a safe, clean workplace, reduce the risk of infection. In addition, updating standard operating procedures to allow for social distancing and contact tracing is crucial.

You may feel it’s still not yet the right time for your staff to return to your office space. That’s OK too. We have worked with some of our larger clients to provide high quality, ergonomic work from home office solutions.

Some offices have now been out of commission for over six months. There are still ways to get ahead by planning and preparing for a return to work. We are working on preparation plans, logistics and reconfiguration solutions with companies of various sizes across the country. These help to determine solutions that suit a phased approach to a return to work. This approach can also help to work in line with your budget and resource capability.


For those that are ready or have returned to a working environment once more, the following are some of the measures that can help reduce risks and get work spaces functioning safely again;

  • – Nudge signage (on floors, hallways, walls, communal spaces)
  • – Automated temperature checking at entry points.
  • – Hand sanitising stations.
  • – Increased frequency of ‘touchpoint’ cleaning.
  • – Replacement air filters in air conditioning units and overall increase in fresh air circulation.
  • – Full electrostatic decontamination of all surfaces.
  • – Regular Office deep cleaning schedules


By working in partnership with our clients, we are committed to supporting a office environment that provides a safe return to work. We can also arrange for the options outlined to be provided, at relatively short notice.


Did you know? Preempt. can offer a FREE workplace risk assessment to any Office occupier.



If you need any help in getting your business work ready or would like to chat through any of the aspects outlined above,

contact us today at [email protected].

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