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Emergency Lighting - Time for an upgrade?

An essential and legal requirement to maintain emergency lighting systems in all commercial premises is covered by NSAI standard IS3217 :2013 + A1 :2017. It is the obligation of the building occupier to ensure these systems are installed, commissioned and maintained in line with the standard. 

The emergency lighting system is an integral part of the overall design of premises and requires careful, regular maintenance in order to deliver the objective of Illuminating exit routes in the event of a power failure, allowing safe egress from the building. 

Older systems are common in many commercial buildings and often detract from the more modern design features of refurbished spaces. Improved LED systems offer a much more aesthetically pleasing and reliable emergency lighting solution. 

As part of the Preempt service, we take care of all statutory requirements for our clients of lighting – integrating the maintenance into the overall PPM schedule and ensuring all testing and upgrade work is carried out to the required standards. 

Recently, we have been engaged by a client to carry out an upgrade to their lighting system. As part of the project, improved efficiency LED lighting meant replacing the older, bulkier halogen light system, leading to improved illumination, a more modern finish and improved energy efficiency. 

Preempt can carry out a full audit of your emergency lighting system, prepare a plan (with options) for upgrade, and handle the upgrade project in its entirety. 

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