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Decontamination Services - Building Health

The ongoing restrictions as a result of Covid-19 mean we are all much more conscious of the importance of clean environments. It is important that the easing of restrictions is handled in the safest way possible for businesses. We have been busy providing decontamination services to our clients recently. 

Office buildings, retail outlets, hospitals, restaurants and even building sites have all seen a significant increase in cleaning schedules, with the sole purpose of keeping all staff and visitors safe. 

At Preempt, we can provide a deep clean and range of decontamination services to your premises and will provide you with detailed disinfection certification, certified by the AOAC (Association of Official Analytical Chemists) Research Institute. 

Our decontamination service offers a process that delivers high level disinfection levels of hard and soft surfaces, environments, equipment and air, interrupting key transmission pathways and reducing cross infection and contamination. 

This process is up to 70% more cost effective when compared to traditional deep cleaning method costs.

We are also providers of professional sanitizing equipment that can be used for both personal or business purposes. Equipment can be purchased or is available to rent based on your requirements. We can provide you with suitable packages tailored to your needs and budget .

Contact us at Preempt today to arrange a site visit and a no obligation quotation.

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