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Get ready to recommission your building – Pump Maintenance 

It is often a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ when it comes to pumps in a commercial building, but the importance of regular Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) and a coordinated approach to regular monitoring as part of maintaining your building’s health cannot be understated. 

Pumps play a central role in the health of commercial buildings, ensuring the smooth operation of facilities systems. A recent case of a mechanical bearing failure on one of our Client sites was picked up by our Preempt team carrying out daily essential maintenance checks.

By promptly detecting, analysing and taking remedial action before it became a problem, we ensured the continuation of service. Even when things do go wrong, our team have the skills and expertise to isolate the issue and reduce the impact on overall building health. 

Our teams have found that the main thing to look out for is excessive vibration. As a result, by ensuring that there is regular monitoring of performance/flow rate, bearings and lubrication, incidents can be reduced, and in some cases, prevented.

With most commercial buildings closed as a result of Covid 19 restrictions – it’s more important than ever to have adequate monitoring and reactive maintenance programmes in place, not just for now, but in readiness for a seamless return to work.

Talk to a member of our Preempt Team today about maintaining your building’s long term health.

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