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A Day in the Life - Paul Nelson, General Manager

As part of getting to know our team and the services that Preempt can offer you, we are profiling some key members of the team. In our Day in the Life series, we feature Paul Nelson, our General Manager (GM) at Preempt. Paul leads our Facilities Business. We caught up with Paul for a brief 60 second interview about a day in his life and heading up our facilities business for Preempt.

  • How does a typical day work for you?

Generally, my day starts with a daily check in on my team and clients. My focus as GM is to oversee operations and develop new opportunities. As a result, it’s a mix of internal and external meetings and reviews with our key partners. Getting out and networking is a key element of my role, and an aspect I really enjoy. 

  • Your biggest learning/ lesson in your role?

Clear, concise communication is key in providing a superior service. If a challenge arises, we develop a clear response and execute our solutions swiftly. It’s easy to get bogged down in the detail – so I have learned to step back, take a wider view and act with conviction to find a resolution. 

  • What’s the biggest misconception about your role?

Many people outside of the industry tend to think that Facilities Management is only cleaning, security and reactive maintenance. While they are all big parts of the service, there are a myriad of additional elements involved in successfully delivering a well-managed building. These include energy management, carbon reduction protocols and implementing new technology, to better understand our working environments.

  • What training has helped your role to date?

We are lucky to have the support of an excellent Health & Safety team in Preempt. Being able to provide services safely and offer guidance requires training and ongoing updates to stay ahead.

Site specific training designed for each client site is also one of the most helpful and important exercises to help our team understand and deliver our services in an effective and safe manner. 

As a Licensed Property Service Provider, I find regular CPD training an excellent way of keeping up to date with wider industry trends. 

  • How has your day changed since Covid-19?

 Zoom meetings have taken over from the traditional face to face interaction. We have taken advantage of technology to operate fully remotely. By keeping in close contact with our teams and contractors, we continue to provide essential FM services on site.

We have adapted from the usual ‘on site’ client meetings to arranging works and projects remotely. This has its challenges, but technology has allowed us monitor and track project progress remotely. We see a real future for the use of augmented reality software across FM. 

  • As business return to a work environment, how do you see this working?

Businesses have adapted to remote working. The new opportunity is adapting the workplace to better suit the needs of employees operating in this hybrid model. Our teams are on hand to support our clients in their phased and considered approach to returning to the office environment.

  • In your role, how will you support your clients in returning to work?

We have worked with our clients individually to provide safe environments tailored to their specific needs. Increased ventilation, introduction of one way circulation systems and new cleaning and decontamination schedules have all helped ensure safe working environments are maintained. In addition, we have supported office redesign projects on client sites to further prepare for staff returning in greater numbers. 

  • What latest technology are you using?

I am a big proponent of new technology in the Property & Facilities industry. In relation to day to day service provision, cloud-based services have really helped me with remote working and staying connected to clients. The ability to develop documents and tenders collaboratively, while operating remotely, has been critical to our success.

  • Name some tools that help you function best and could you not live without?

Mobile technology offers the flexibility to get work done wherever we are. Whether I am in the office, in the car or working from home, the flexibility afforded by technology is the element that allows me to be always connected and supports me the best. 

  • What is your focus for the next year?

My focus is on developing the Preempt business. Preempt are still considered relatively new, so my focus is on growing our client base and our team. We work on surpassing our existing client’s expectations, delivering our service in some of Ireland’s best commercial buildings. 

For the coming year, we will be focused on supporting clients in their return to work. We will be sponsoring the upcoming FM awards in March 2021, so are looking forward to that event and the opportunity to network with our peers. 


If you are interested in finding out more about the services Preempt provide, please get in touch HERE 

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