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A Day in the Life - Paul Faherty, Head of Facilities

As part of getting to know our team and the services that Preempt can offer you, we are profiling some key members of the team – in our Day in the Life series. First up is Paul Faherty, our Head of Facilities at Preempt, who manages one of our client’s 120,000 square feet building in Dublin City Centre. We caught up with Paul Faherty for a brief 60 second interview about a day in his life, heading up facilities onsite for Preempt.

• What does a typical day look like for you?

Anyone who works in facilities management knows that no two days are the same. As Head of Facilities at Preempt, one day you could be saving your building from serious mains switchgear problems and the next challenge may be friction over air conditioning! The consistent factor in my work is ensuring my team and I are supporting the productivity of those utilising the building and that each interaction with the building and its amenities are seamless and positive.

• What has been your biggest learning/ lesson in your role?

Communication is key, learning how to speak to people, how to listen to the problem a client or colleague is trying to work around and seeing the issues from their perspectives, then offering a resolution.

• What’s the biggest misconception about your role?

Understanding what a building manager does is often misconstrued. The main misconception is that buildings look after themselves, it would be great if they did! – with proper maintenance, they should keep ticking over – however, that’s where we come in to monitor and review to prevent issues occurring and ensure the building is working at optimum levels.

• What training has helped your role to date?

Working with people, communicating and managing costs has meant I have focused on training across different areas. I have completed IOSH managing safely, finance, marketing and some human resources modules that I undertook in the last couple of years, these have been beneficial as my role is so varied.

• How has your day changed post pandemic?

The day to day building occupancy is minimal at present, however, we are left with a large amount of statutory maintenance, inspections and checks that need to be completed regardless of the building being fully occupied or completely empty. Empty buildings can actually be more troublesome than those that are occupied.

• How do you see businesses returning to a work environment?

I believe a hybrid approach will be adopted by many businesses, even with the prospect of a vaccine coming. A hybrid approach will be beneficial to our environment, with a reduction in traffic and increase the quality of life for many all around the country.

• In your role, how / will you support your client in returning to work?

We have already put a robust playbook in place for our clients, one that’s compliant with current restrictions and is agile in the ever-changing environment we find ourselves in.

• What latest technology are you using in your day to day?

I have become a champion of all things paperless in recent years. Collaborative solutions are the way of the future, where you can have groups of people working on the same document at once, across multiple time zones in some cases. How we do business is changing, our focus is to embrace this change, to champion it and innovate.

• What elements of your role helps you function best/ could you not live without (ways of working / technology etc)

Cloud based solutions are very beneficial for me in this environment, having direct access to documents no matter where you go, is critical to success. I lean on these tools heavily in a flexible working environment.

• What is your focus for the next 6 months?

I am completing my MBA at present and continually learning and researching the latest technology in order to stay ahead of trends and processes. I am learning more about AI and the Internet of Things in order to seek to integrate into our business plans. Our mantra is Uncompromising Excellence and that is my objective, to focus on always seeking better ways of delivering service to our clients.

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